A regional center for educational and economical development

Nestled in the scenic Lost River Valley of West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands, the Lost River Artisans Cooperative was founded in 1988.

Over the last two decades our name has changed from the Lost River General Store Association to the Lost River Craft Cooperative.

In 2009 we adopted the name Lost River Artisans Cooperative, which we believe better represents our membership, but despite the change, our purpose remains constant: to engage the community in the artistic process, foster appreciation for the production and value of handmade objects through instruction, demonstration and display, and provide a marketing center for regional artists and craftspeople.

During our season, which lasts from mid-April until early December, visitors to the cooperative will often find artisans demonstrating their talents and skills on the grounds around our cooperative’s home, the historic Harper Barn in Lost River.

A series of classes is also planned for this year to provide visitors a new opportuntity to learn first-hand about heritage crafts and contemporary arts.

Our sister organization, the Lost River Educational Foundation, operates the Lost River Museum on the lower level of the barn, which features the largest display of Lost River Valley artifacts and history found in the Highlands.

Many symposiums and tours are planned throughout the year each under expert guidance and instructions. Award-winning, locally produced films and music are also presented from time to time.

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